Viburnum Shrubs for Sale Online

Viburnum shrubs are low--maintenance, evergreen shrubs that bring year-round color and interest to your garden. There are over 150 species of viburnum shrubs, and at Garden Goods Direct, we offer a wide variety to fit any garden needs.

Despite their vast diversity, generally, these shrubs prefer full sun to partial shade to best produce their dark green leaves, red fruits, and fall color. However, some thick-leaf varieties can tolerate shade.

Their bloom time is typically early spring, and depending on the species, they can grow a variety of feet tall and wide. If you need to do some pruning, wait until their flowering season is over. Immediately after these shrubs finish flowering, prune dead, dying, or diseased parts to help your plant grow beautiful next growing season.

Types of Flowering Viburnum Shrubs

Viburnums are a family of shrubs with large growth patterns and white or pink flowers that appear in the early spring. Often used in garden landscapes as ornamental fixtures, these plants come in both deciduous and evergreen varieties.

Garden Goods Direct offers five varieties of Viburnum shrubs:

  • The Doublefile: The Doublefile Viburnum is a larger shrub that forms strong horizontal growth patterns and white flowers in the spring.
  • The Popcorn: The Popcorn is a more rounded variety with white spring-blooming flowers and red fruits.
  • The Winterthur: The Winterthur gives a floral display in the summer and a colorful batch of fruits in the early winter.
  • The Burkwoodii: The Viburnum burkwoodii blooms white in the spring that pops against dark green serrated foliage.
  • Cardinal Candy: Cardinal Candy is a hardy variety with cream-colored flowers and bright red berries.

Why Plant Flowering Viburnum Shrubs?

Viburnum shrubs are excellent plants for forming hedges, screens or filler plants. The texture of these shrubs provides a beautiful, limited-maintenance backdrop for everything from gardens to walk-ups. They provide lovely pops of color in the spring and early winter, with colorful berries and bright flowers. Some varieties even produce fragrant flowers to add a new dimension of beauty to your garden!

Viburnum shrubs are also great plants for your local environment, with berries that feed local wildlife and attract birds to your yard. While these plants are attractive to avian specimens, deer find them much less attractive, making them good choices for areas with larger deer populations.

Tips for Choosing the Right Variety of Flowering Viburnum Shrubs

When choosing a viburnum shrub for your garden, be sure to select a variety suited to your area. Most viburnum shrubs are suited to most areas in the continental United States except the northernmost and southernmost regions. If you live in a suitable area, choose a planting location with full sun to partial shade with well-drained soil.

Beyond these considerations, choose a viburnum shrub that fits your personal aesthetic!

How to Care for Flowering Viburnum Shrubs

Caring for viburnum shrubs starts with learning how to plant flowering viburnum shrubs. These plants prefer full sun and well-drained soil. Plant them in spring or fall and be sure to add fertilizer to the soil to promote healthy growth. Once planted, water thoroughly and cover the soil with mulch to help retain moisture.

As for how to care for flowering viburnum shrubs, it begins with watering. These plants only really require watering during dry spells — you can also add fertilizer if desired. You should prune your shrub in the late winter or early spring to retain the plant’s shape.

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