Potted Indoor Plants for Sale Online

Mix and match, change styles with the seasons, and keep your new plant happy. Everybody wins! We've taken the guesswork out of matching nursery pot sizes to planters by pairing plants with their perfect decorative pots for you. One click and you're good to go.

Our plants arrive in lightweight nursery pots, but they are not quite ready to go on display as is. That's why we recommend ordering your plant together with a decorative pot - simply place the plant in its nursery pot directly into the decorative planter. Your plant stays nice and snug in its familiar pot while it adjusts to its new home, you can re-pot your plant into any decorative pot you like, and you won't have to worry about spilling water from drip trays.

We’ve selected a few decorative planter styles that work well in many environments and flatter a wide variety of interior design styles.

The Ecoforms Urn is made of rice hulls and is 100% biodegradable. It’s both attractive and environmentally responsible. It comes with a matching circular drip tray (not pictured).

The tapered Ceramic pots are a sleek modern take on a decorative pot. Minimalist in style, the slight taper inward gives the pot character and guides the eye up towards the main attraction, your new plant.

The Anya style is a resin planter from Crescent Gardens, and we’re proud to work with a company that sustainably manufactures lightweight resin planters. The resin material is flexible and well suited for outdoor patio settings since the structure of the resin is durable against extreme temperature changes. With the Crescent Anya, you have a glossy reflective finish.


To ensure safe arrival, your potted plant is tightly secured inside of a stabilizing box using raffia, then it is placed inside our standard packaging boxes:

close up of packaging for potted plants

stabilizing box for potted plants

***Due to the height of the Ecoforms Urn pots, they are packages apart from the plant. This is to ensure the safe arrival of both your plant and the pot***