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Ligustrum Shrubs, also known as privets, tolerate a wide range of conditions and are among the easiest shrubs to grow plus they’re deer resistant as well. Because of their versatility and undemanding nature, they are ( or should be) used extensively in home landscapes. Plant them as privacy hedges, foundation plants, patio tree or as a specimen in the shrub border. At Garden Goods Direct we believe that Ligustrum shrubs are the most underused plants in the landscape. Privets are very adaptable shrubs. In fact, Ligustrum Shrubs can thrive in full sun or partial shade. Privets also tolerate a moderate amount of urban pollution which makes them great choices for smaller urban gardens where privacy or simply some color is needed. Ligustrum can be used as a refined and formal evergreen hedge that features shiny dark green foliage that creates a dense barrier when properly cared for. Its bright white flowers in Early Spring give way to bright black berries which add interest during the autumn and winter months.

Deer Resistant Ligustrum Shrubs:

Ligustrum Recurvifolium: Ligustrum Recurvifolium is a large, fast-growing, upright, evergreen shrub, which is highly adaptable to most soils. Lustrous dark green, wavy foliage with White Flowers. Great for a foundation hedge or privacy screen. Excellent in containers as well.

Sunshine Ligustrum: Sunshine Ligustrum is a mid-sized, fast-growing, upright, evergreen shrub, which is highly adaptable to most soils. Bright yellow, dense foliage with no flowers to produce pollen. Great news for allergy sufferers. Great for a mid-sized foundation hedge or privacy screen. Also excellent for adding a splash of colors in patio containers.

How to Care for your Ligustrum Shrubs:

Ligustrum Shrubs are best planted in Full to Partial Sun as this brings out the best color and the most blooms. Very Little maintenance is required from you once the plants are established. Supplemental watering is sometimes beneficial during periods of prolonged drought. After they flower in the spring Ligustrum Shrubs can be pruned back to promote branching and dense growth. Because Ligustrum shrubs grow so fast we do suggest a spring Fertilizer application and this can be as easy as spreading Tree-Tone by Espoma around the base of your plants and let the rain wash it in.

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