Itea Shrubs for Sale Online

Benefits of Itea Shrubs 

Pollinator Attractor

The number one reason why many are drawn to Itea shrubs is for their gorgeous spring blooms that emerge in late spring. Pair these fragrant blooms with the shrub’s satin green foliage and you have an all-star plant that will take any landscape design to the next level. 

Low Maintenance Care Regimen

Itea virginica is additionally praised because it is so simple to care for. The hardy shrub has no significant disease or pest issues, and pruning is not necessary. As an added bonus, the Virginia Sweetspire plant is wildly adaptable to a range of soil conditions!

Erosion Control

The Itea shrub is more than just a pretty face… beyond the gorgeous appearance it brings to a landscape, Itea shrubs are also beneficial to the environment. According to specialists from the Georgia Native Plant Society, Itea is great for use in erosion control! Because of the plants’ suckering habit, the plant works to aid in both erosion control and bank stabilization. 

Choosing The Right Itea Shrub

Itea Shrubs are North American Native Plants that have found their way into the home landscape. It’s become popular because of its showy flowers, reliable performance, and unbelievable Fall Color.

Itea Shrubs should definitely find a place in your landscape too due to these beneficial factors! But with a variety of itea shrubs available for purchase, you may be feeling torn. Lucky for you, we are here to help you find the perfect Itea for your landscape. 

The first step to choosing the right Itea shrub for your space is determining if it will grow in your climate. You can utilize our Find Your Grow Zone tool. Itea shrubs are suited for USDA hardiness zones 5-9; if your zip code is within this range then you can easily grow iteas in your landscape!

Once you’ve determined your grow zone, you can move on to selecting your shrubs based on personal preference! Check out the range of itea shrubs we have available below to see which works best for your personal design goals. 

Best Selling Itea Shrubs

Itea Little Henry: Itea Little Henry is as colorful as a burning bush but native to North America which means it's pollinator friendly! It's the little brother to Itea Henry’s Garnet and is perfect for smaller gardens.

Itea Henry’s Garnet: Itea Henry’s Garnet is a deciduous native shrub with attractive rich red and purple autumn color and fragrant creamy-white flowers in July which are sought after by pollinators including Butterflies.

Scentlandia Itea: As one of the most shade-tolerant flowering shrubs, the Scentlandia Itea is ideal for spaces in the landscape that don’t receive much sun. In addition to its ability to thrive in a lack of sunshine,  the Scentlandia Itea

How to Care for Your Itea Shrubs:

Itea is best planted in Full to Partial Sun as this brings out the largest amount of flowers and the best fall color. Very little is needed as far as care is concerned with Itea. Supplemental watering is sometimes beneficial during periods of prolonged drought. 

If after many years your Itea seems tired they can be pruned hard, almost to the ground to re-invigorate the plant. Doing this in the spring is the best opportunity as the plant has the most vigor during the spring.