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Flowering Shrubs for Sale Online

Are you looking to liven up your yard? Does the green grass look a little lack-luster on its own? Planting flowering shrubs especially in masses or groupings can add a natural pop of color to your landscape, not to mention many of them are easy to grow. From bright pastel colors to deep and vibrant blooms, flowering shrubs are the spice your landscape needs to perk up your yard and give it just the visual boost you’re looking for.

At Garden Goods Direct, we don’t just sell flowering shrubs — we also give you the knowledge you need to choose the best ones for your yard as well as your own personal taste. Use our Hardiness Zone Finder to locate your hardiness or grow zone. Our team of nursery experts are here to help you find the right fit for your garden. Shop our selection of flowering shrubs for sale below!

Flowering Shrubs by Color

blue hydrangea shrub in full bloom

Blue Flowering Shrubs

13 products

pink flowering crape myrtle shrub

Pink Flowering Shrubs

70 products

white gardenia flower

White Flowering Shrubs

83 products

red rose bush in full bloom

Red Flowering Shrubs

37 products

butterfly landing on a purple butterfly bush

Purple Flowering Shrub

25 products

yellow forsythia bush in full bloom

Yellow Flowering Shrubs

19 products

peach flowering azalea shrub

Peach Flowering Shrubs

13 products

purple and white lilac sensation shrub

Multicolored Flowering Shrubs

32 products

green flowering hydrangea shrub

Green Flowering Shrubs

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Flowering Shrubs by Type

blue hydrangea shrubs in full bloom


40 products

yellow knockout rose bush in full bloom

Rose Bushes

21 products

monarch butterfly on butterfly bush

Butterfly Bushes

6 products

azalea for sale online

Azalea Shrubs

23 products

light purple lilac shrub in full bloom

Lilac Shrubs

4 products

white flowering gardenia


5 products

pink flowering crape myrtle shrub

Crape Myrtle Shrubs

8 products

white viburnum flower in full bloom

Viburnum Shrubs

13 products

pink spirea shrub in full bloom

Spirea Shrubs

9 products

pieris shrubs blooming in early spring

Pieris Shrubs

5 products

Camellia Shrubs


13 products

vibrant white blooms of itea shrubs

Itea Shrubs

3 products

St. Johns Wort Shrub in full bloom

St. John's Worts

4 products

beautiful deutzia shrub white flowers

Deutzia Shrubs

3 products

yellow forsythia shrub in full bloom

Forsythia Shrubs

5 products

loropetalum fuchsia blooms


3 products

Mountain Laurel Shrubs

Mountain Laurels

4 products

blooming abelia shrubs make a perfect hedge


5 products

Flowering Shrubs by Bloom Season

soft purple blooms of wisteria vine

Spring Blooming Shrubs

151 products

pure white flowers of summer blooming butterfly bush

Summer Blooming Shrubs

156 products

little lime hydrangea in the fall

Fall Blooming Shrubs

80 products

winter blooming camellia covered in frost

Winter Blooming Shrubs

23 products

What Are the Benefits of Buying Flowering Shrubs?

Visual Interest Improves Curb Appeal & Resale Value

Flowering shrubs add dimension and life to any yard, as well as curb appeal when it’s included in the landscape of the front yard. Homes with well manicured and landscaped yards tend to have a higher resale value than homes that do not. 71% of home buyers consider the landscaping when purchasing a new home. It’s an easy and relatively inexpensive investment that adds color, life, and value to your home.

Support the Ecosystem

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, flowering shrubs have an even greater, but lesser known benefit. They are an essential part of a natural, healthy environment. Flowering shrubs not only improve your garden’s health, but they also play a larger role in sustaining the wildlife that surrounds. Flower blossoms and the nectar they produce attract pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and birds that in turn play a critical role in pollinating other plants ensuring a healthy biotic lifecycle and sustaining the ecosystem.

Removes Pollutants From the Air

We can’t stress this enough, certain plants also add health benefits by cleaning up the air surrounding them! Buy shrubs and hedges and plant them along the road or near the driveway. This will work to remove the general pollutants in the air, and pollutants from passing cars (as well as your own).

Buy the Right Flowering Shrubs Online

We get it, online shopping can be tricky, especially when it’s for something like plants. Our nursery experts are here to help guide you through this process and remove the hassle! First, find out what your grow zone is. You’ll see a list of preferred flowering shrubs for the region you live in.

There are literally hundreds of varieties of flowering shrubs available, each with its own growing characteristics and care requirements. Identifying your grow zone will help eliminate any unsuitable options from your list and refine the options! There are some other things to consider when shopping for flowering shrubs online:

Rest assured that when you shop the selection of flowering shrubs for sale with Garden Goods Direct, you will experience the ease and convenience of ordering online and peace of mind knowing that your shrub will be shipped right to your doorstep. Our nursery experts are here to help guide you in making the yard of your dreams. If you have any questions, contact us today!

How to Take Care of Your Flowering Shrubs

Plant at the Right Time

Caring for your flowering shrub starts the moment you plant it. The majority of flowering shrubs should be planted in the spring or fall, though in a few cases you’d be perfectly fine in summer. Before planting any shrubs in your yard, understand the plants' size at maturity and space accordingly to ensure that you’re giving the shrubs enough room to grow.

Plant in the Right Space

You also need to make sure that their placement will allow them enough sunlight to thrive. Dig the plant hole or pit as deep as the root ball and twice as wide. In other words, if you have say a 3 gallon plant that’s 12” deep and 12” wide, dig the whole 12” deep and 24” wide (width radius).

Add Healthy Soil

All flowering shrubs require healthy soil. Be sure that you amend soils as required to allow for proper drainage and oxygen. Also add organic material or fertilizer for added nutrients that will help the flowering shrub thrive and supplement the plant's varying needs. A well-balanced soil base is essential for root development and long term plant health. Good soils retain minerals and nutrients along with soil moisture which is the vehicle for uptake.

A healthy underlying soil base reduces overall subsequent watering, fertilizer and ongoing maintenance time that would otherwise be required for plants in unhealthy soil. Healthy roots mean a healthy plant.

If you have any questions about how to properly care for your bushes, shrubs or perennials, get in touch with Garden Goods Direct today!

Varieties of Flowering Shrubs for Sale at Garden Goods Direct

Flowering shrubs come in hundreds of varieties, each producing flowers of different shapes and colors. Even care options vary from shrub to shrub. Don’t worry, our nursery experts will provide you with clear, detailed, and easy to follow care instructions for your flowering shrub! Here is a list of our most popular flowering shrub varieties:


Better known as Butterfly Bushes, these plants thrive in full sunlight and feature long bloom seasons. Butterfly Bushes somewhat resemble a lilac. Buddleias are quick-growing shrubs that bloom in mid-summer and attract butterflies as few other plants can. For a beautiful living display in your garden, buy full sun butterfly bushes online today.


Lilacs give you a show twice a year, blooming in the early spring for a few weeks and then again from mid-summer through fall. These flowering shrubs have a powerful and whimsical fragrance when in bloom, your entire garden will smell amazing! Buy lilac shrubs online through the Garden Goods Direct catalog to find varieties ranging from dark purple to bright pink.


Azaleas are a popular flowering shrub choice throughout the United States, with their tapered blooms and luscious green foliage. At Garden Goods Direct, we offer several varieties of Azaleas, including the pink Ribbon Candy, yellow Lemon Drop, and the repeat-blooming Encore. Azaleas look great when they are planted in front of evergreen shrubs, the dark green backdrop of the evergreen shrubs highlight the blooms of flowering shrubs.


This upright fruit and nut shrub features beautiful flowers and berries and offers something new with each season. The Black Chokeberry and brilliant Red Chokeberry are two popular varieties, both featuring beautiful white blooms and berries that add interest in the fall and winter.


Camellias are intensely popular evergreen shrubs most easily recognized for their small to medium-sized flowers. We offer several varieties, including the dark pink April Kiss, the pink and white Hana Jiman, the hot pink Kanjiro, and the white Setsugekka.

Crape Myrtle

This shrub is well-known for its picturesque leaves and showy flowers, as well as its attractive bark. Many customers choose crape myrtle shrubs for their year-round beauty.


Buy viburnum shrubs online for a versatile shrub that blooms white in mid-spring. With fragrant flowers and colorful berries, these shrubs provide a beautiful look throughout the year.


Rhododendron is a low-maintenance shrub available in a huge variety of colors. Closely resembling Azalea’s in appearance, rhododendrons thrive in a wide range of environments, making them an excellent choice for use as a foundation planting.


With flat clusters of tiny flowers, hydrangeas are white, blue or pink, and bloom in the early summer for several weeks of color. Hydrangea shrubs are the most recognized flowering plants and are a great fit if you’re looking for a classically beautiful shrub that’s easy to care for.


Shop forsythia shrubs online if you’re looking for an early-blooming and statement shrub. With vibrant yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers, the forsythia bush is a welcome addition to any garden, growing up to 10 feet tall in optimal conditions.


Barberry shrubs come in a variety of colors from dark green to vivid red. These evergreens produce beautiful golden blooms in the spring for an added pop of color. Low-growing and easy to maintain, these shrubs are perfect for garden and walkway borders.


These fast-growing shrubs offer a very broad range within the genus. Euonymus shrubs come in a wide variety of colors and sizes, from compact red burning bushes to large gold and green shrubs. All of them do very well in the sun and quickly adapt to most soil types. Low-maintenance and great choices for privacy hedges, these shrubs produce light-colored blooms.


Rose bushes and climbing roses create a classically romantic look for your home, with their graceful beauty, variety of colors, and delicious fragrance. These flowering shrubs complement both formal and informal gardens, adding a level of class to any home.

Buy Flowering Shrubs Online

If you’re ready to add flowering shrubs to your yard, Garden Goods Direct makes it an easy and convenient experience. Order your flowering shrubs online in just a few clicks and we’ll ship it directly to your doorstep. All you’ll need to do is plant it! Our nursery experts add easy to follow instructions on how to best care for your flowering shrub, ensuring its longevity and health.

As America’s Number One Online Garden Center, we take pride in offering the best plants available so you can enjoy your flowering shrub for years to come. If you’re not sure which shrub you should buy or just have questions about our ordering process, contact us today and our plant experts will get in touch with you!