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Begonias are one of the most sought-after cultivated plants. These lovely annuals are grown for their leaf forms and their blooms. They are native to tropical regions, including Central and South America, Asia, and Africa. Today most begonias are hybrids and cannot be grown from seeds, but they can be grown from leaf cuttings. 

Like most spring annuals, Begonias thrive in indirect sunlight, evenly moist, well-draining soil, and warm climates. These annuals cannot tolerate freezing temperatures; they are considered annual plants in most of the nation. The best location for them is in an area of your landscape that receives morning and afternoon shade to ensure you do not burn the plant's leaves. They have a long blooming season, spring until frost, for you to enjoy their beautiful colors for many months a year. 

How to Care for Begonias 


Begonias must have moist soil conditions at all times. However, do not overwater them because you could soak their soil and cause damage to the plant. You should cause root rot disease if the plant sits in standing water for too long. Also, water your plant at the base to ensure you keep the foliage dry and prevent leaf spots and fungal diseases. If you're using your Begonia as a houseplant, you can allow its soil to dry out from time to time.


Begonias prefer a rich, well-draining soil not specific to any pH level. This plant can also tolerate being in polluted urban areas. Well-draining soil will help prevent any possibility of root rot disease. However, make sure your plant's soil conditions stay moist at all times. Watering your Begonias can be a tricky balancing game at first, but you will learn the habits of your plants quickly and provide them with exactly what they need to thrive.


The Begonias we offer at Garden Goods Direct prefer to be planted in a more shaded location of your garden. This location should receive occasional sunlight throughout the day. They can survive in some full sunlight time but will thrive best when given plenty of time in the shade. The shade will help prevent any of their foliage from burning. 


The best time to fertilize Begonias is in the warm summer months. We recommend feeding them a diluted liquid fertilizer once every ten days or so. Feeding your plants this often will ensure their flowers will bloom to their fullest potential. Avoid fertilizing your Begonias in the fall and winter to minimize the risk of plant damage. However, in most of the United States, Begonias are used as annual plants that you will have to repurchase and replant the following spring.


Begonias are pollinator-friendly and attract pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Using this plant in your garden will not only benefit pollinators and the natural ecosystem but will benefit the look of your whole garden. Adding a pollinator-friendly plant to your landscape always helps keep your plants looking happy and healthy. Be wary about using any pesticides with pollinator-friendly plants. They could potentially kill pollinators that come into contact with it. 

Types of Begonias Offered at Garden Goods Direct

Big Bronze Leaf Red Begonia:

Big Bronze Leaf Begonias are a herbaceous annual that yields vibrant red "orchid-like" flowers. Their blossoms are complemented by deep purple foliage that differs from any other begonias. Use them as border edging, en masse, or in a hanging planter.

Big Leaf Pink Begonia: 

This annual blooms vibrant pink "orchid-like" flowers. Their glossy heart-shaped leaves complement the pink flowers with their dark green hue. Slightly more high-maintenance than some plants, Big Leaf Pink Begonias are a beautiful focal point in any garden. 

Big Leaf Red Begonia:

Big Leaf Red Begonias produce vibrant red "orchid-like" flowers. They are different from Big Bronze Leaf Begonias because their foliage is a deep green color. Pot this beautiful annual in a large container on your patio and watch it blossom all spring and summer long.

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Begonias are a beautiful addition to any garden with their many varieties to choose from. You can easily find one that will match the style and size of your landscape.

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